About TopShelf Publishing

TopShelf is a traditional publisher set on doing things the old-fashioned way!

Traditional Publishing, these days, can be called pretty much anything but traditional. The world's leading publishing companies do not treat authors the way they used to. Nowadays, authors are made to do most all of the heavy lifting required to make a book successful. Meanwhile, the publisher sits back, takes the majority of the revenue and spoon-feeds authors whatever scraps remain. And for what? Putting their imprint on a book and adding it to their catalog? The days of large-scale promotions, posters, sponsored events, and media blitzes are (in many cases) a thing of the past. The only authors who receive marketing are those few at the very top, and even many of them are left to sell on their name alone.

TopShelf is a new company building off of a very old (yet tried and true) business model. This "old school" approach to publishing and promoting is what's needed in today's market to set our authors apart from the heap, and create success for our authors and our brand. TopShelf is devoted to gaining large scale national exposure for authors, and we achieve this by going backward… to the heyday of publishing.

TopShelf is growing an invaluable list of bookstores from all across the English speaking world, and we are nurturing bonds of trust with each one of these fine booksellers. We keep constant contact with buyers by sending newsletters, catalogs, marketing tips, and promotional materials. Our authors and books are in these buyers' line-of-sight constantly. This vastly increases the odds that bookstores will stock our books.

TopShelf is more than a publisher. We are a partner. There is little more important to an author than a publicist, and we fill that space with vigor. There's no better way to invest in an author, then through bookseller acquisitions. Moreover, there is no better way to sell books to bookstores then through publicity. After all, fewer and fewer people hang around bookstores these days. Even books by top-selling authors just collect dust if no one knows they are available.

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Keith Katsikas is the President of TopShelf Publishing (an imprint of TopShelf Indie Authors & Books, LLC)

Keith is the author of many novels, books, and short stories and he has a genuine passion for helping others achieve their goals. He is a loving husband and father to six children and is a devoted follower of Christ. With 23 years of business and entrepreneurial experience, 19 years of graphic design and web development experience, and nearly 15 years of experience in the world of publishing, marketing, and sales, Keith brings a high degree of ethics, knowledge, and real life business experience to TopShelf Publishing.


Meet the TopShelf Editorial Team:

 Julie Gerber

Julie is the proprietor of Away We Go Media. She is the Business Manager at TopShelf and is the Assistant Publisher of TopShelf Magazine.

Rebecca Katsikas

Rebecca is a full-time homeschool mom, a loving wife, a follower of Christ, and co-founder of and lead editor for TopShelf Publishing.

Donald Richard

Donald is an avid reader and all around lover of great literature and he is our go-to person to review sci-fi, dark fantasy, and horror.

 Sarah McMullan

Sarah is an avid reader, professional editor, and editorial reviewer for TopShelf Publishing and is the editor-in-chief at TopShelf Magazine.

 Kyle Magnus

Kyle is a fan of old school horror and has written a lot in that genre. He is a manuscript screener and proofer for TopShelf Publishing.

 Carole P. Roman

An award-winning author and creator of the favorite children's series, Captain No Beard, Carole is also a TopShelf editor and reviewer.